which holds membership in China Association for Science and Technology, is a nongovernmental, engineering and academic organization composed of professional and regional societies.


The aim of the CIE is to promote the electronic science and technology by


The Chinese Institute of Electronics was founded during the inaugural meeting in 1956 and became an independent academic body in 1962.

Since the beginning of 1980's, CIE has established relationship with the famous international electrical and electronic societies. In 1980 and 1984, CIE was admitted as a full member in the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) and a full member in the Union Radio-Scientifique Internationale (URSI), respectively


The COUNCIL, consisting of the president, vice-presidents, and secretary general elected from the GENERAL ASSEMBLY which is held once every four years, meets once a year and takes decisions that become necessary between General Assembly meetings.

There are eight working committees under the COUNCIL:


The membership in CIE is currently composed of five grades, namely, Fellow, senior member, member, student member, and associate member.



Technical work, which is the heart of CIE's activities, is generally managed by the professional societies and special interest groups. The following professional societies are active;

1. Semiconductor and Integration Technology Society
2. Vacuum Electronics Society
3. Electronic Components Society
4. Electronic Materials Society
5. Electrochemical and Physical Power Sources Society
6. Applied Magnetics Society
7. Communications Society
8. Radar Society
9. Navigation Society
10. Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
11. Computer Engineering and Application Society
12. Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation Society
13. Broadcasting and Television Society
14. Microwaves Society
15. Antennas Society
16. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Society
17. Information Theory Society
18. Circuits and Systems Society
19. Signal Processing Society
20. Biomedical Electronics Society
21. Nuclear-Electronics and Nuclear-Detection Technology Society
22. Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics Society
23. Space Electronics Society
24. Manufacturing Technology Society
25. Electronic Products Reliability and Quality Control Society
26. Electronic and Mechanical Engineering Society
27. Education For Electronic Technology Society
28. Electronic Information Society
29. Contamination Control Society
30. Medical Information Processing Society
31. Remote Sensing, Controlling and Telemetry Society
32. Engineering Management Society
33. Electronic System Engineering Society
34. Sensoring Technology Society
35. Technology, Economy and Strategy Society
36. Radio Astronomy Society
37. Audio Engineering Society
38. Products and Materials Society
39. Superconductor Society
40. Science of Human Body Society
41. Electronic Amateur Association
42. Electronic Countermeasure Society
43. Consumer Electronics Society


The CIE publishes and supervises the following publications and periodicals:


The day-to-day work of CIE is directed by its Secretary General. The Headquarters of CIE is in Beijing where the following departments administer its affairs daily:


Further information about CIE and its activities may be obtained by writing to:

Chinese Institute of Electronics
P.O.Box 165, Beijing 100036, China
PuhuinanIi Building No. 13, Rm.1408
Fax: (8610) 6828 3458
Tel: (8610) 6828 3463