IFIP Archival Photos

ifip_then_sm.jpg (9481 bytes)
First 3 IFIP Presidents from left to right: A. Speiser (1965-1968)
L. Auerbach (1960-1965)
A. Dorodnicyn (1968-1971)
congress62_sm.jpg (9654 bytes)
IFIP Congress 1962, Munich
27 August - 1 September
congress68_sm.jpg (9692 bytes)
from left to right:
H. Zemanek (President 1971-1974)
A. Dorodnicyn (President 1968-1971)
and D. Chevion (VP 1967-1970)
at IFIP Congress 1968, Edinburgh
5 - 10 August
10_anni_sm.jpg (13917 bytes)
IFIP 10th Anniversary celebration,
October 1970, Amsterdam, NL
25_anni_sm.jpg (8291 bytes)
IFIP's 25th Anniversary celebration,
Munich, 1985
qu1985_sm.jpg (9243 bytes)
25th Anniversary celebration,
from left to right:
A. Goldsworthy, President (1986-1989)
K. Ando, President (1983-1986)
B. Sendov, President (1989-1992)
G. Glaser, VP (1982-1988)
ga87_fam_sm.jpg (14053 bytes)
IFIP General Assembly, 1987
Budapest, Hungary
ga87_sm.jpg (13910 bytes)
Excursion during GA 1987 from
left to right: Messrs. Dalton, Glaser, Goldsworthy, Fourot, Bobillier and Rolstadas
c89_sm.jpg (8920 bytes)
IFIP Council Meeting,
1-3 March, 1989, Geneva
from left to right:
Messrs. Rolstadas, Fourot, Goldsworthy and Sendov
welc_recep_sm.jpg (7468 bytes)
Welcome Reception at
the IFIP Secretariat, July 6, 1995:
Honorary members and Past
Presidents R. Tanaka and H. Zemanek
tc3_meeting98_sm.jpg (4710 bytes)
Visit to IFIP Headquarters in 1998
from left to right:
J. Hammond, P. Bollerslev, D. Hayden, B. Samways and P. Nedkov
budapest_98_sm.jpg (5328 bytes)
IFIP General Assembly, 1998
Budapest, Hungary
smartnet99_sm.jpg (6440 bytes)
Smartnet 1999 Conference in November 1999, Thailand
ifip_now_sm.jpg (8763 bytes)
40th Anniversary reception in Washington, D.C
from left to right:
A. Rolstadas, President (1992-1995)
P. Bollerslev, President (1998-)
P. Bobillier, President (1977-1983)
Mrs. Q. Wang, Trustee (1999-)
K. Bauknecht, President (1995-1998)
H. Zemanek, President (1971-1974)
unesco_sm.jpg (4223 bytes)
NGO UNESCO Liaison Committee
(on which IFIP is represented)
Meeting with the new UNESCO
Director General
February 2000, Paris

IFIP WCC 2000 - a major success!
over 2000 participants from 70 countries
(President Jiang Zemin of China with the IFIP President)

IFIP Secretariat, 3, rue du Marche, Geneva


IFIP Secretariat, 16 place Longemalle, Geneva


IFIP Secretariat, 16 place Longemalle, Geneva


Mme G. Roberts
IFIP Administrative Manager until 1995


P. Nedkov
IFIP Executive Director until 2003 



D. Hayden, IFIP Secretariat   (1995 - 2004)