IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
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  Technical Committees: Foundations of Computer Science Software: Theory and Practice Education Information Technology Applications Communication Systems System Modeling and Optimization Information Systems ICT and Society Computer Systems Technology Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems Artificial Intelligence Human-Computer Interaction Entertainment Computing
 Member SocietyRepresentative
Rep. of KOREA
The Korean Institute of Information Scientists
and Engineers (KIISE)
Room 401, Meorijae Bldg. 984-1
Bangbae-3 dong, Seocho-gu
SEOUL 137 849, Rep. of Korea
Tel. +82 2 588 9246
Fax +82 2 521 1352
URL: http://www.kiise.or.kr/eng
Prof. Jee-In KIM
Konkuk University
Department of Software
HCI Lab, New Millennium Hall 1205
120 Neungdong-ro Gwangjin-Gu
Rep.of Korea
Tel. +82 2 450 3540

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