Call for Papers (Status 2011-06-16)

(For your information calls are retained for 1 month after the close)




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1st Intl. Symposium on Data-driven Process Discovery and Analysis

Jun 29th Jul 1st, 11

May 25th, 11

Jun 2nd, 11


I3E 2011

The 11th IFIP Conference on
e-Business, e-Service, e-Society

Oct 12th 14th, 11

May 27th, 11

Jul 4th, 11

Jul 18th, 11












5th Intl. Conf. on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems




Oct 16th 18th, 11

Jun 1st, 11

Aug 1st, 11

Sep 1st, 11

VG 2011

9th Intl. Workshop for Techn., Econ. and Legal Aspects of Business Models for Virtual Goods




Sep 29th 30th, 11

Jun 13th, 11

Jun 30th, 11

Jul 15th, 11

PoEM 2011

The 4th IFIP WG8.1 Work. Conf. on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling

Nov 2nd 3rd, 11

Jun 24th, 11

Aug 5th, 11

Aug 17th, 11



IPAS 2012

The 6th Intl. Precision Assembly Seminar 2012

Feb 12th 15th, 12

Jul 4th, 11


Sep 26th, 11



WCF 2011

IFIP World CIO Forum 2011

Nov 1st 4th, 11

Jul 10th, 11

Aug 1st, 11

Aug 15th, 11



NOMS 2012

13th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Mgmt. Symposium

Apr 16th 20th, 12

Aug 22nd, 11

Oct 31st, 11

Dec 5th, 11



WONS 2012

9th Annual IEEE/IFIP Conf. on Wireless On-Demand Network Systems and Services

Jan 9th 11th, 12

Sep 23rd, 11

Nov 15th, 11

Dec 1st, 11




5th IFIP World Information Technol. Forum on Sustainable Human Development

Apr 18th 20th, 12

Oct 20th, 11

Jan 10th, 12

Mar 1st, 12



ONDM 2012

16th Conf. on Optical Network Design and Modeling

Apr 17th 20th, 12

Nov 14th, 11

Feb 8th, 12

Mar 1st, 12