IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
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IFIP makes a number of awards - both to members of the IFIP community for their service to IFIP, and to others for their accomplishments. Internal awards recognize the dedication of IFIP volunteers; external awards serve both to honor the recipients and make the public aware of the role IFIP plays in the international information-processing community.

Isaac L. Auerbach Award

The best known of the awards is the Isaac L. Auerbach Award, named in memory of the founder of IFIP, which is presented ineven years for extraordinary support of IFIP in its mission. The distinction is awarded by the IFIP General Assembly and a nominator can be any member of the IFIP General Assembly. Eligible is any person except current members of the Service Awards Committee and prior recipients of Isaac Auerbach Award. A medallion and monetary award are conferred.

The recipients have been Prof. Calvin Gottlieb (CA) in 1994, Prof. Lubomir Iliev (BG) in 1996, Prof. Heinz Zemanek (AT) in 1998, Prof. Asbjorn Rolstadas (NO) in 2000,  Prof. Wilfried Brauer (DE) in 2002, and Prof. Dipak Khakhar (SE) in 2010.

IFIP Silver Core Award

The IFIP Silver Core distinction is awarded by the IFIP General Assembly in every other year, in recognition of significant achievements of the recipient  that are important from the point of view of the mission and goals of IFIP.

Eligible are past and current members of any IFIP body (e.g. members of the General Assembly, members of Technical Committees, Committee officers, member of Working Groups) and people involved in organization of IFIP events, like chairs of Organization Committees, Chairs of Program Committees, etc.

Please see recipients of the IFIP Silver Core at: Silver Core Awardees

IFIP Service Award

The distinction is awarded by IFIP's General Assembly every year in recognition of active role played by the recipient at an IFIP body or in organization of an important IFIP event. Eligible for nomination are TC and WG members not normally eligible for the Silver Core Award.

Please see recipients of the IFIP Service Award at: IFIP Service Award .

IFIP Fellow Award

Nominate for an IFIP Fellow Award

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