IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
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IFIP's 50th Anniversary ("Golden Jubilee")

Following a first IFIP conference 1959 in Paris, where UNESCO suggested the establishment of an international organisation promoting the developments of Informatics and related methods, IFIP – the International Federation for Information Processing – was founded in 1960.

In its 50th year, IFIP has 56 member societies, including 3 corresponding members, and 4 affiliated members, esp. including organisations from Europe (CEPIS), South America (CLEI) and South-East Asia (SEARCC).

Information about IFIPs development and present state is available at:

     Chart 0: “IFIP at a Glance”  (Excel table: 67 rows * 11 columns)

     Chart 1: “IFIP Membership and Representatives”  (Excel table: 120 rows * 106 columns)

In its 50th year, IFIP holds its 21st World Computer Congress in Brisbane,Australia on September 20-23, 2010:

     See: http://www.wcc2010.org/

This Congress, organised by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), IFIPs related Member Society under IFIPs sponsorship, is essentially prepared by IFIPs 13 Technical Committees (TCs) which organise the technical work of IFIP in more than 100 Working Groups with special missions, thus engaging more than 2.000 experts wordwide.

     See: http://www.ifip.org/

Details of IFIP work has been described in more than 1,000 publications, including 20 IFIP World Computer Congresses as well as many International Conferences, Symposia, Seminars, Workshops and other kinds of events. So far in most cases available in printed form, we appreciate the support of internationally renown publishers since 1960. Presently, Springer is IFIP's publisher where also results of IFIPs 21st World Computer Congress are available (13 volumes with content from 17 conferences); IFIP publications are available also in digital from from the publisher, with abstracts and other material (e.g. workshops and seminars) also available from IFIP Digital Library.

IFIP's development has been described in 3 books, edited by IFIP Historian and Past IFIP President Prof. Dr. Heinz Zemanek:

1970 Heinz Zemanek (ed): “The Skyline of Information Processing”
1985 Heinz Zemanek (ed): “25 Years of IFIP”
1996 Heinz Zemanek (ed): “36 Years of IFIP”

Developments since IFIPs 36th anniversary will be presented in a book “50 Years of IFIP”, to be published at the end of 2010 as well as in digital form on IFIP Digital Library. This book will include article about the recent (14 years), reports about the status and developments of IFIPs 13 Technical Committees, as well reports from member societies and ongoing discussions, developments and visions.

In order to contribute to the ongoing discussions about “future directions”, this website presents, as advanced material, selected articles from the book. The editors will be glad to receive comments and suggestions.

September 15, 2010 - Klaus Brunnstein, Heinz Zemanek