IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
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Publication Information for Editors, Authors, and Organizers of IFIP-Sponsored Events and Activities

General Information

IFIP publications may be printed by a publisher or published only in electronic form, perhaps with locally-produced hard copy distributed only to activity participants. There are separate instructions for publishing with the IFIP publisher and for other publications:

Origin of Work and Attribution

All work published under the auspices of IFIP must be the original work of the authors, or full attribution must be given for every portion of the work that is not the original work of the authors. “Original work of the authors” means that the text, content, ideas, illustrations, etc. were created by the authors and are not publicly available elsewhere. Thus “portion of the work that is not the original work of the authors”, includes other work by an author that was previously available publicly, so reuse of previous work by an author requires full attribution in the same way as if the work was that of another author.

IFIP publishes codes of conduct for the authors and referees of IFIP publications, and authors and referees for IFIP publications are expected to abide by these codes of conduct. By submitting a paper or other document for possible publication, an author agrees to adhere to the Author Code of Conduct, and by accepting a review assignment, a referee agrees to adhere to the Referee Code of Conduct. Violation of an applicable code makes the author or referee subject to penalties as specified in the relevant code.

Editor Responsibility Regarding Codes of Conduct

The editor(s) of each conference proceedings published by the IFIP publisher are responsible for ensuring that each author of an accepted paper receives a copy of the author code of conduct, and that each referee receives a copy of the referee code of conduct.


Links to Author and Referee Codes of Conduct

IFIP Publications Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures governing IFIP publications are found in Section 6.2.1 of the IFIP Bylaws. Bylaws Section 6.2.1 includes policies and procedures for all IFIP publications, including conference proceedings, journals, and special publications.