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IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
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General instructions for IFIP publications not published by the IFIP publisher

Obtaining an ISBN for the publication

An ISBN for an IFIP publication not published by the IFIP publisher is obtained by request from the IFIP Secretariat.

Publication in the IFIP Digital Library

Note: These instructions apply only to material that is prepared for e-only publication in the IFIP DL. There are separate instructions for material that will be published by the IFIP publisher. All publications from the publisher will automatically be added to the DL.

  1. All required forms for a conference must be submitted and approved before a proceedings can be included in the IFIP DL. Conference organizers and chair(s)should ensure that the required forms are submitted as soon as possible.
  2. Authors must be notified of the format for papers as indicated in the instructions for editors.
  3. Instructions for preparing and submitting the proceedings or other volume are provided in the instruction for editors. The publication must conform to the specifications for papers/chapters and for the publication as a whole. Papers not presented at a conference should not be included in the proceedings volume submitted to the DL.
  4. Note that a copyright transfer form must be completed for each separately-authored component of the publication. These must be submitted to IFIP in hard copy.

Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Editors


Revised: 6th February 2010