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Notes to authors of papers intended for the IFIP Digital Library

Please Read Carefully!

  1. The specifications listed here apply only to papers prepared for inclusion inthe IFIP Digital Library. Templates for Word and LaTeX documents are available to assist with proper formatting. The Word template is a sample paper that can be viewed to see example formatting. Note that there are separate specifications for papers to be published by the IFIP publisher.
  2. General specifications for a paper:
    • Paper size: A4
    • Margins, top and bottom: 1”
    • Margins, each side: 1.2”
    • Margins, header and footer: 0.5”
    • Normal font: Times 10pt
    • Title font: Times 16pt bold, centered
    • Subtitle font: Times 14 pt, centered
    • Author font: normal bold, centered
    • Affiliation font: normal, centered
    • Abstract font: normal
    • Keyword font: normal
    • Level 1 section heading: Times 12pt bold, left justified, two line space before, one after
    • Level 2 section heading: Times 11pt bold, indented, two line space before, one after
    • Level 3 section heading: Times 10pt bold, indented, two line space before, one after
    • The first sentence of a section is not indented. The first sentence of each paragraph after the first paragraph of a section is indented.
    • References and footnotes are in 8.5pt Times. Use a standard format for references, beginning with the last (family) name of the first author.
  3. The footer on the first page must contain the following text, in 8pt italic Times:
    • Copyright © by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP). Permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of this work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page. Copyrights for components of this work owned by others than IFIP must be honored. Abstracting with credit is permitted. To copy otherwise, to republish, to post on servers or to redistribute to lists, requires prior specific permission and/or a fee.
  4. Subtitles should be avoided. When there is no subtitle, move the authors up to their natural position.

  5. The running heads and page numbers begin on page 2 and must be limited to a single line:
    • Authors (go on even pages)
    • Title (goes on odd pages)
    • Use 8.5 font size for both.
  6. Note that authors must limit the length of titles and authors so the text does not wrap to a second line. Shorten the title or consider a subtitle if needed. Note that a title or author list that works for single digit page numbers (2-9) may not work if there are more than 9 pages in the paper.

  7. Do not abbreviate “Figure” or “Table” in captions. A figure caption is normal bold font, centered below the figure. A table caption is normal bold font, indented above the table.

  8. Maintain consistency in text citations to the references Use an unnumbered style reference list with textual citations of the form (author last names, year). The list of references should be in alphabetical order of the last name of the (first) author.

  9. Be careful of orphaned lines, headings, subheadings, and other similar situations that degrade the presentation of the document.

  10. Specific submission instructions will be provided by the conference program chair or proceedings editor. Normally you will submit a source document for your paper electronically, but a pdf version may also be required.

  11. You must submit a copyright transfer form transferring the copyright to IFIP as instructed by the conference program chair or proceedings editor.

DL Copyright Transfer Form


Revised: 6 February 2010