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Instructions for editors of e-only proceedings or other volumes for the IFIP Digital Library

Note: These instructions apply only to material that is prepared for e-only publication in the IFIP DL. There are separate instructions for material that will be published by the IFIP publisher. All publications from the publisher will automatically be added to the DL.

  1. All required forms for a conference must be submitted before a proceedings can be included in the IFIP DL. Coordinate with your conference organizers and chair(s) to ensure that this is done.

  2. See the instructions for authors for specifications for individual papers or chapters of the volume.

  3. You must notify the authors of the required format for papers or chapters and the location of the specifications and templates to assist in the preparation of papers or chapters for inclusion in the DL.

  4. Collect the source documents in the format that you wish from the individual authors. You may wish to collect either or both source and pdf documents, but keep in mind the processing that you must complete after receiving the individual papers or chapters. You must ensure that the authors have followed the specifications specified in the instructions for authors and used in the author templates.

  5. Ensure that you have received a signed IFIP DL Copyright transfer form from the author(s) of each paper or chapter. These must be submitted to IFIP in hard copy.

    DL Copyright Transfer Form

  6. You must combine the source documents from the authors into a single document. Every page should be numbered according to the specifications for authors. The first page of the first paper/chapter should be page number 1, and the page numbers should be sequential and increasing throughout the entire proceedings or volume. You may need to override author specifications in order to achieve this.

  7. You may remove papers not presented at the conference from a conference proceedings before submitting the proceedings to the DL. (Thus the proceedings that appears in the DL might not contain all papers that appear in a proceedings that is published locally or distributed in electronic form at a conference.) Other papers can be omitted at the discretion of the conference officials and editors when appropriate, such as when plagiarism is discovered after preparation of the original proceedings.

  8. Add the front material before the first paper/chapter, in the following order:

    1. Title page.

    2. Foreword.

    3. Conference committee (optional).

    4. Table of contents.

    5. A blank page if needed to ensure that the odd page numbers are on the right sides of an “open book” view of two pages. You also may add blank pages where needed to ensure that each page or chapter begins on an odd-numbered page if you wish.

  9. Finally, produce a single pdf file of the entire proceedings or volume.

  10. Ensure that all required forms and approvals for your conference are complete. A proceedings will not be accepted for inclusion in the IFIP DL unless the required documents are complete.

  11. Submit the pdf proceedings file to the IFIP Secretariat at as an email attachment, or send the address of a URL for ftp or web download of the volume. Include in the email message the name of the conference, date held, location, and IFIP unit (TC, WG, etc.) organizing the conference. If you wish to be notified when the download is complete so the files can be removed from the server, please request this in your email message.

  12. Send the completed copyright transfer forms to the IFIP Secretariat:

    IFIP Publications Officer
    Hofstrasse 3
    A-2361 Laxenburg


Revised: 8 September 2008