IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
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Benefits in Organizing an IFIP Event

As soon as the Event Form is approved and recorded in the database of the IFIP Secretariat, an IFIP event number is allocated and an Update Sheet is sent back to the Main Organizer. From this moment on IFIP Event Organizers enjoy a number of benefits.

The event is listed in the IFIP Calendar of Events published in the IFIP Newsletter and electronically on the IFIP website. The conference URL is included in the online Calendar of Events. Reports from the event are considered for publication in the IFIP Newsletter and conference proceedings are announced at the Publisher's and IFIP's Web sites.

Conference Organizers are entitled to use the IFIP logo and the IFIP name on conference material and in marketing the event. IFIP through its TCs and WGs takes responsibility for the conference program committee and the scientific component of the program. The conference proceedings are prepared and published under the umbrella arrangement with the IFIP Publisher.

The IFIP logo and IFIP association enhances the visibility of the event among the many IFIP Members, Affiliate Organizations, Partners and the IT community at large. Moreover, the respective IFIP TCs and WGs involved are an important resource for publicity and participation and their representatives are fully involved in the program design and implementation at all stages.

The IFIP Activity Management Board

Updated: February 2012