IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
IFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
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IFIP Committee Job Charters


1.  To monitor, in conjunction with the relevant Chairmen and Cognizant Officers, the administrative aspects of all planned activities of TCs, WGs and other bodies established by the General Assembly.

2.  To monitor, in conjunction with the Treasurer, the financial aspects of TCs, SGs and all WGs, and to review their submitted budget requests.

3.  To receive requests for events from TC/SG Chairmen et al., and to
a) notify planned events,
b) approve IFIP technical sponsorship, and
c) approve IFIP financial support
in accordance with the authority and within limits set from time to time by the General Assembly.

4. To consolidate, maintain and submit to the General Assembly appropriate reports on events, including the IFIP Plan Report.

5. To develop and implement adequate procedures for monitoring events, processing requests and delivering reports as defined in policies adopted by the General Assembly.

6. To propose formulations of new policies, or amendments to existing policies, for activity management considered appropriate to strengthen the overall aims of IFIP.

7. To submit requests for proposed budget items and to report the use of approved budget items for which approval authority has been assigned to AMB.


1.To formulate policies for the sound management of IFIP finances and to propose such policies to the appropriate IFIP body for approval. Policy areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
- dues, royalties and conference surpluses
- grants and loans
- investments
- cash management

2.To issue guidelines and/or to establish procedures as necessary to carry out approved policies.

3.To analyze and evaluate IFIP's financial condition as necessary to ensure that policies are being followed, and to propose changes in policy when appropriate.

4.To encourage and facilitate the use of external financing support for IFIP activities.

5.To review IFIP's dues structure at no less than 3-year intervals, and to propose changes in a timely manner for General Assembly approval.

6.To propose the amount to be set aside each year for the IFIP Development Fund.


Guidelines for NCs are available from the IFIP Secretariat. (Supplement 9 of the Standing Orders)


1.Establish, maintain and supervise the IFIP Publications Policy;

2.Disseminate the Policy and the reasons behind it;

3.Maintain liaison with the General Assembly, President, Secretariat, TCs and WGs;

4.Monitor the publishers performance against plans and budget;

5.Work with publishers to promote IFIP publications to member societies using IFIP worldwide contacts

6.Keep records on planned books, published books, royalties due and received, sales-end of books;

7.Establish a close link with the Marketing Committee with the objective of exploring new ways to increase market penetration for IFIP publications;

8.Undertake responsibility for co-operation with AMB to ensure balance amongst IFIP publications with respect to technical areas covered, publications quality and revenue production.

9.Concerning all publications, in particular:
- IFIP Conference Proceedings
- IFIP special publications
- IFIP Book Series
- IFIP Working Papers
- IFIP Journals including Electronic Journals


The Statutes and Bylaws Committee is responsible for overseeing all operations concerning the IFIP Statutes and Bylaws and the IFIP Standing Orders.

This includes:

1.advice and assistance to ensure that all IFIP operations conform with the IFIP Statutes and Bylaws;

2.the preparation of Standing Orders - covering operational procedures, finances, reports, documents, etc. - for the administrative assistance of all Chairmen of Technical Committees, Specialist Groups, Working Groups, Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.

With the assistance of the IFIP Secretariat, SBC issues revised editions of the Statutes and Bylaws and the Standing Orders when appropriate.

In co-operation with other Standing Committees, SBC is responsible for ensuring that all IFIP activities are set up and carried out in accordance with the Aims of IFIP. SBC therefore evaluates projects and proposals and recommends necessary amendments to the IFIP Statutes and Bylaws and the IFIP Standing Orders.

Recommendations regarding changes to the IFIP Statutes and Bylaws must be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.

Amdendments to the IFIP Standing Orders must be submitted to the Executive Board for approval