Membership Benefits

  • Membership of a Federation of more than 40 national and international ICT societies from all parts of the world.

  • The opportunity for your appointed representative on the Federation's General Assembly to network with experts and leaders from other societies around the world and to influence developments in the field through our involvement with the United Nations and other international bodies.

  • The right to appoint a representative to InterYIT, the International Young IT Group, which represents the youth of national IT societies from 56 countries or regions, covering all five continents.

  • The right for your society to apply for accreditation from IP3, the International Professional Practice Partnership, which defines international standards of professionalism in ICT worldwide.

  • The right to nominate members to any or all of our 13 Technical Committees comprising experts in technical areas from Communication Systems, through Security and Privacy to Artificial Intelligence.
    Through a network of over 120 Working Groups the Technical Committees are responsible for approximately 100 conferences and other events each year in a wide range of technical areas.

  • The opportunity to host or to contribute to the IFIP flagship World Computer Congress (WCC).
    Promote your society/country to a worldwide audience of ICT professionals from business, industry and academe.

  • Our policy that all IFIP-approved events worldwide (approximately 100 a year) must offer a discount of at least 10% on registration fees for all individual members of every IFIP member society will help you retain your current members and recruit new ones.