GA Kuala Lumpur 99 (TAB. No. 7b)

Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA)
IFIP Full Member Society Report

Reino Kurki-Suonio, GA Member, Finland

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The Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA) was founded in 1953 to promote various aspects of information technology. Today it consists of 25 member societies, which jointly have as members some 27 000 individuals as well as nearly 700 companies and other types of organizations

The majority of these member societies operate regionally to promote professional growth of IT professionals and to provide them with an informal platform for discussing current issues of the field. They offer various types of activities, such as seminars, training, get-togethers with guest speakers, leisure activities, etc.

Issues of particular interest for the Association include the creation and revision of Finnish law, such as questions about data security and copyright protection. One of the key tasks of FIPA is to act as a sponsor and organizer of research projects of national significance in the IT field.

As a co-organizer of a number of various types of events, FIPA considers its annual 'Tietotekniikka' congress as the single most important effort; its aim is to draw attention to the essential role information technology plays in the economy both domestically and internationally, and to offer IT professionals an opportunity to update their understanding of key issues through speeches by Finnish and foreign experts.

The association is a member of CEPIS, IFIP, ICC, and NDU (Nordisk Data Union).

Current Activities

Among others, FIPA's ongoing activities concern


FIPA has representatives in all IFIP TCs, and a few IFIP Working Conferences are usually organized in Finland each year.

Although involvement in IFIP activities has clearly been beneficial for the individual TC and WG members and their organizations, FIPA would wish to find ways to utilize its IFIP membership more effectively also in its own activities.