Plamen Nedkov's Photo Collection

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Photos with IFIP Presidents

pn_a1.jpg (147165 Byte)
Mrs.& Mr.Dorodnicyn (IFIP President 1968-1971)
during GA'84 in Varna, BG
pn_a2.jpg (149201 Byte)
Mrs & Mr. K. Ando (IFIP President 1983-1986) 
during GA'84 in Varna, BG
pn_a3.jpg (132950 Byte)
G. Sacerdoti, D. Dolan & A. Goldsworthy (IFIP President 1986-1989) 
during GA'84 in Varna, BG
pn_a4.jpg (106152 Byte)
Mrs. & Mr. B. Sendov (IFIP President1989-1992) 
during C'90 in Israel
pn_a5.jpg (105987 Byte)
H. Zemanek (IFIP President 1971-1974) & A. Rolstadas (1992-1995) 
at the IFIP Secretariat in Laxenburg
pn_a6.jpg (122361 Byte)
R. Tanaka (IFIP President 1974-1977) 
during GA'95 in Calgary, CA
pn_a7.jpg (120243 Byte)
K. Bauknecht (IFIP President 1995-1998) & M. Zhou 
during visit to Beijing Dec'97
pn_a8.jpg (107955 Byte)
P. Bollerslev (IFIP President 1998-2001) and J-C. Laprie 
during WCC 2004 site inspection in Toulouse, July 2000

Other Photos

pn_b1.jpg (105924 Byte)
With Mrs.& Mr. John Vincent Atanasoff 
in May'85, BG
pn_b2.jpg (116969 Byte)
With L.. Goerg (IFIP Sec., Geneva) 
during GA'87 in Budapest, HU
pn_b3.jpg (106256 Byte)
With S. Smit & D. Dolan 
during C'90 in Jerusalem, IL
pn_b4.jpg (113343 Byte)
With R. McNamara, Rev.T. Hesburgh, J. Sculley 
and W. Miller in Jan'91, Moscow
pn_b5.jpg (118741 Byte)
With A. Balasubrahminan, J. Rosenfeld, A. Alvarez 
with members of the OC of the 1992 Olympic Games 
during C'91 in Barcelona, ES
pn_b6.jpg (118752 Byte)
With Mrs.& Mr. Sacerdoti, G. Roberts, R. Lawson 
during GA'92 in Toledo, ES
Pn_b10.jpg (65812 Byte)
The Emperor, WCC 2000 in Beijing, China
Pn_b7.jpg (108729 Byte)
With Dorothy Hayden, crossing the river in Natal, 
Brazil during GA 2001
Pn_b8.jpg (102801 Byte)
With W. Grafendorfer, Natal, Brazil, GA 2001
Pn_b9.jpg (81848 Byte)
With W. Grafendorfer, March 2002, Bad Voslau

With W. Stucky and J.-C. Laprie 
during P.N.'s 20th Anniversary with IFIP Party 
at GA 2002 in Montreal

With Mrs M. Fouilhoux, President of
the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee and
Mr. K. Matsuura, UNESCO Director General,
27 November 2002, Paris