The Day of the President

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IFIP, as an organization with a dynamic field of activity, needs to be "on the go" to be relevant and to be proactive and reactive to the external environment and to our members' expectations. This, however, does not necessitate the reinvention of the wheel as there are matters on which we can resort to the wisdom and experience of previous IFIP Officers. IFIP as part of modern society is based on the cumulative efforts of several generations and for this reason it is important to periodically look back and learn as we stride forward.

12 individuals have led our Federation during a period of 41 years. These are:

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Mr. Isaac Auerbach (US)
Recollections of the Founding President
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Prof. Ambros Speiser (CH)
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Acad. Anatol Dorodnicyn (SU)
A tribute
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Prof. Dr. Heinz Zemanek (AT)

Dr. Richard Tanaka (US)
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Prof. Pierre Bobillier (CH)
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Dr. Kaoru Ando (JP)
A tribute
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Prof. Ashley Goldsworthy (AU)
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Acad. Blagovest Sendov (BG)
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Prof. Asbjørn Rolstadås (NO)
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Prof. Kurt Bauknecht (CH)
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Dir. Peter Bollerslev (DK)

Three of them -- Auerbach, Dorodnycin and Ando -- are no longer among us. For the remaining nine, IFIP presents an attraction of a varied intensity. Irrespective of that intensity, they are and will remain an intrinsic part of the Federation. Last week, we were in contact with the nine living past presidents listed above. They were invited to respond to the following 4 questions:

  1. During your tenure as IFIP President what, in your opinion, were the most significant IFIP developments and activities?
  2. Are you currently interested in IFIP? If so, are there any developments which you like in particular and you feel should be further encouraged?
  3. Are there any specific issues you find important for IFIP to address?
  4. Please share with us a few words about yourself at present - professional occupation, personal projects, hobbies...

Their response was candid and enthusiastic. The Delivery Co. will post these interviews as we get them and we will inform you accordingly. We envisage the first to be available in early February, followed by other interviews in February, March and April. A complete collection will be available as an on-line pdf publication and we can assure you that there are some interesting things to expect. In the meantime, to warm you up to this project, we have posted part of an article with the historic recollections of IFIP's Founding President on the origin of IFIP.

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The Delivery Co.
29 January 2002