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Tuesday 24 August 2004

10h30-12h : Networking

Robust Nonlinear Control Algorithm Applied for Congestion Control in Differentiated Services Networks - Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo (Azad U. Tehran, Iran)

A Measurement based Networking Approach for Improving Internet Congestion Control - Nicolas Larrieu (LAAS-CNRS, France)

Residual Capacity Estimator for TCP on Wired/Wireless Links - Claudio E. Palazzi (U. California Los Angeles, USA)

A Proposal for Generic Signaling Transport Protocol - Tra Thanh Luu (ENST, France)

Service Enforcement on Programmable Routers Using Innovative Policy Based Management - Idir Fodil, (6WIND & LIP6, France)

Performance Evaluation of a Line of ON/OFF Routers Using an Aggregation Method - Alexandre P. Royer (LAG, France)

13h30-15h: Security

ATV: An Efficient Method for Constructing a Certification Path - Omar Batarfi (U. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Reversible Cellular Automata in Cryptography - Marcin Seredynski (Warsaw U. Technology, Poland)

A Study on Secure and Efficient Sensor Network Management Scheme using PTD - Seo Dae-Hee (Soonchunhyang U., Korea)

A Generic Intrusion Tolerant Architecture for Web Servers - Ayda Saidane, (LAAS-CNRS, France)

Group Communication Protocols and a Framework for Intrusion-Tolerant Distributed Applications - HariGovind V. Ramasamy (UIUC, USA)

Securing Mobile Agents - Hamed Aouadi (ENSI, U. Manouba, Tunisia)

15h30-17h15: Modelling and Computer Engineering

Checking Software Development Processes - Alain Caplain (Toulouse Le Mirail U., France)

Requirements Evolution and Impacts on Safety - Mohamad Hani El Jamal (LAAS-CNRS, France)

Timed Mirroring Typed Decision Graphs : A Symbolic Model Structure For Real-Time Systems - Syrine Ayadi (Faculté des Sciences de Tunis, Tunisia)

Improving Efficiency of XPath-Based XML Querying - Pierre Geneves (INPG & INRIA Rhône Alpes, France)

Towards Automation of Model Transformation - El Abbassia Deba (IRIT, France)

Measuring Software Operational Reliability-An Interdisciplinary Modelling Approach - Ali Omar Shatnawi (U. Delhi, India)

Automatic Full-Custom Layout Generation of Static CMOS Circuits Targeting Delay and Power Reduction - Cristiano Lazzari (UFRGS, Brazil)

Wednesday 25August 2004

10h30-12h: Distributed Systems & E-commerce

Reconfigurable Software Architecture for Communication Layers in Pervasive Computing Systems. - Mahdi Niamanesh (Sharif U. Technology, Iran)

Checkpointing in Mobile Distributed Systems - Mohamed Djoudi (U. Laghouat, Usthhb, Algeria)

Design of a Component Deployment Service for Dynamic Collaborative Sessions - Emir Hammami (LAAS-CNRS, France)

User-Kernel Reactive Threads for Java - Carlos P. Guerrero (National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico

Technology Evaluation for E-Commerce - Vinaya K. Singh (Galileo International, USA)

E-Commerce Outsourcing Initiatives In Postal Industry - Damir Trninic (Post Serbia, Center for E-Business, Serbia and Montenegro)

13h30-15h: Socio-Technical Systems & IT Economic impact

Culture-Centred Design: Towards A Method for Cross-Cultural Usability - Jasem M. Alostath (U. York, UK)

Digital Disability - An Examination Into The Effectiveness of Multi-Modal Interfaces for People With Disabilities - Scott Hollier (Curtin U., Australia)

Effectiveness of e-learning - Anna Gnitecka (Adam Mickiewicz U. Poznañ, Poland)

IT Transformation and Asia-Pacific Economic Growth: An Assessment - Roderick Mendoza Rupido (Kyoto U., Japan)

15h30-17h: Information Systems Analysis & Quantum Computing

Information Resources for Atmospheric Molecular Spectroscopy - Alexey Kozodoev (SB RAS, Russia)

The Information System "Atmospheric Radiation over Siberia" - Elena Kozodoeva, (SB RAS, Russia)

Application of Systemic Approach and Gait Quality to manage activities of Grain Silo - Mohamed Najeh Lakhouat (ISST Mateur, Tunisia)

Enlarging Gap between Quantum and Classical Query Complexities - Lace Lelde (U. Latvia, Latvia)

Boolean Functions with a Low Polynomial Degree - Ozols Raitis (U. Latvia, Latvia)

Thursday 26 August 2004

10h30-12h: Artificial Intelligence & Language processing

Sanskrit as Indian Networking Language: Part I - A Sanskrit Parser. - Shireesh R. Annam (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India)

Text Generation Through Semiotic and Semantic Articulations - François Provansal (Toulouse Le Mirail U., France)

Isolated Word Recognition for English Language Using LPC ,VQ and HMM - Mayukh Bhaowal, Kunal Chawla (Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India)

Evolving Winning Strategies for Nim-like Games - Mihai Oltean (Babes-Bolyai U., Romania)

Solving Geometrical Place Problems by using Evolutionary Algorithms - Crina Grosan (Babes-Bolyai U., Romania)

Intelligent Multi Agent Search Engine - Pooja Jain (Indian Institute of Information Technology, India)

13h30-15h: Image Processing and Robotics

Image Processing to Facilitate Image Identification by Partially-sighted Observers - Cécile Bordier (U. Lyon I and INSERM, France)

Modeling Urban 3D Environments: The Stereopolis System - Ouided Bentrah (IGN, France)

Modeling Environments for use in a Locomotion Assistance Device for the Blind - Christophe Jacquet (Supélec & LIMSI-CNRS, France)

License Plate Recognition System - Prashant Kumar, Swapnil Sahai, Tarun Khera (Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, India)

Experimental Implementation of Robust and Intelligent Controllers in Trajectory Control of Industrial SCARA Robot - Francisco Javier Triveno Vargas (Federal U. Santa Catarina, Brazil)

ROBOPET Robot-Soccer Simulator - Francisco Jose Prates Alegretti (Federal U. Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Sanskrit as Indian Networking Language: Part I - A Sanskrit Parser. - Shireesh R. Annam (Kanpur, India)

15h30-17h: Student Interaction Session

This session aims at collecting the experiences, the opportunities and the expectations that doctoral students from different countries have in conducting research. Particular emphasis will placed on the actual need to promote research integration by facilitating cross fertilization among research groups worldwide through mobility of doctoral students.



The Final Programme is online!

We are very proud to present an extremely attractive programme that offers more than six hundred presentations.
This very rich programme offers a large variety of opportunities. Attendees will be able to compose their own menu, by mixing on-the-edge research and state-of-the-practice results in their own field of expertise, together with surveys and prospective views in other domains of interest.
The overall schedule of sessions and the social events have been designed to facilitate fruitful interactions between attendees.

Join us during a week and share l'esprit de Toulouse !

         Jean Claude Laprie

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