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Toulouse Southern France

Welcome to southern France, where we invite you to discover some of the highlights of Toulouse and of many Southern other places.

   In our region, nature can be beautiful and majestuous, tormented or peaceful.
  The monuments, churches, abbeys, castles and palaces built by our ancestors to protect themselves or to pay tribute to their faith are in tune with natural beauty.

  Toulouse, a rich and beautiful city, is famous
for its aeronautical ans space achievements,
its university founded in 1229, its laboratories and research centres.
  This city owes its name "Ville Rose" to the colour of the bricks covering the walls, which glitter under the blazing sun.
It combines a strong living spirit with a brilliant past and can unveil the gist of its beauties while jealously hiding less familiar treasures.

  Toulouse is constantly building the future but is
also a real heaven for the strolling passer-by
who just wants to muse in a cloister or on a
terrace outside a cafe or restaurant till very
late at night. Toulouse also lives to the sound
of rhythm and music, with a subtle mix of
Italian and Spanish influences .



The Final Programme is online!

We are very proud to present an extremely attractive programme that offers more than six hundred presentations.
This very rich programme offers a large variety of opportunities. Attendees will be able to compose their own menu, by mixing on-the-edge research and state-of-the-practice results in their own field of expertise, together with surveys and prospective views in other domains of interest.
The overall schedule of sessions and the social events have been designed to facilitate fruitful interactions between attendees.

Join us during a week and share l'esprit de Toulouse !

         Jean Claude Laprie

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