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The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) is a non-profit umbrella organization for national societies working in the field of information processing. It was founded in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO. To date there are 48 permanent members and 11 international affiliated organizations. It is the most important international organization dedicated to the development of Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communication. IFIP WCC 2006 is for you a unique opportunity to meet international experts in Sciences and ICT. Indeed, WCC 2006 is:
  • The largest international event in ICT.
  • An exceptional opportunity for developing new business relationships and forming new partnerships.
  • A complete program of conferences with world famous speakers.
  • An event that is particularly suited to stimulate creativity.
  • The best place for sharing ideas on future developments in industry.
  • An exchange on technology transfers between research and industry.
  • An integrated communication program to provide you with the best exposure.
  • An extraordinary opportunity to be actively involved in new developments in ICT

Domains Covered

The domains covered by IFIP range from the theory of information technology to the analysis of the relevance of information technologies in our society; they also touch upon material technology and software, human systems interactions, and education. Twelve technical committees, including 75 working groups have the responsibility of sharing experiences and developing their knowledge in their respective domains. In total, IFIP brings together 3000 scientists from the academic and industrial worlds.

The objectives

  • To foster international cooperation
  • To stimulate Research and Development
  • To encourage education
  • To disseminate information
  • To listen to the needs of developing countries and to assist them
  • To evaluate the social consequences of the applications of Information Technologies

The means

IFIP organizes 70 conferences each year. The World Computer Congress is organized every two years across the world, uniting world leaders in Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communication. WCC is the key event for IFIP. After China in 2000, Canada in 2002, and France in 2004, it is now Latinamerican’s turn to welcome this prestigious event.

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