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CHILE: An Attractive Country
Over 4.500 kilometers of mountains and seashore make Chile the longest and narrowest country in the world with startling contrasts and extreme beauty. Attractions range from the towering volcanic peaks of the Andes (with the highest volcano in South America), the most arid desert worldwide, ancient forests in the Lake District and hosting the coldest yet most beautiful icy scenery of the southern Glacial Fields.

Chile is a land of contrasts with its lakes, snow, millennial forests, and sand and iron summits. Its people are friendly and a mixture of Native Indian, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Croatian, Arabian, and other backgrounds; its inhabitants are people who once traveled to this exotic land, fell in love with it and stayed.

To the North, we border with Peru, to the Northeast with Bolivia. In the northern part of Chile, our lands have broad, white sandy beaches, desert and the Andes. There, you will find the largest copper mines in the world, salt flats, archaeological sites, lagoons and volcanoes over six thousand meters high.

The central area of the country is greener than the North due to increased rains and therefore, allowing for a much more developed agricultural sector. Chile's best known wines are grown in this area, which is also known for its luscious fruits and vegetables, rodeos, mountain-climbing, colonial buildings and the opportunity to ski in the morning and sunbathe in the beach in the afternoon. The South is host to rivers running wild, snow-capped volcanoes, thermal hot springs, fly-fishing, ancient forests visited and studied by Charles Darwin, beautiful fjords, small picturesque towns founded by German immigrants and the biodiversity unique of Patagonia. The pathway across Cape Horn leads to Chile's greatest treasure: its Antarctic territory, surrounded by penguins, whales and walruses swimming wild and inhabited by Chilean families and more than a few bold and daring scientist.

Finally, Chile also has the privilege of owning the mysterious Easter Island and its silent giant statues, which are the legacy of a fascinating civilization disappeared long ago.

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