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Production templates and instructions
by John Impagliazzo  

IFIP Springer has recently updated its website and its content should now be accurate.  The following highlights some important elements regarding editors, authors, and the production of the entire IFIP WCC 2008 Series of publications.

A.  The Springer information for the IFIP Series appears at the URL  You should launch this URL directly and bookmark it on your browser for future reference.  The link contains the proper materials for editors and authors.  Additionally, you may find this link by going to the IFIP home page at, and then go to the left green navigation area and click Publications; at the right side of the publications page, you will find the same 6102 link.

B. At the web page, you will find helpful information and links.  Of particular note, you will find, under For Authors and Editors, the following.

1.  Link to Author Templates
This will direct you to a page with Word and LaTeX templates and detailed instructions. Please note that IFIP manuscripts do not require an index.

2.  Link to Overview for Volume Editors
This provides information on the overall manuscript editing process and deliverables, along with a few pointers on some items of note when putting together your manuscript.

3.  Link to IFIP Series Guidelines for Camera-Ready Manuscript Preparation
This file serves as a companion to the templates and general instructions. This document highlights some key items to pay attention to with your manuscript, as well as some helpful tips for IFIP manuscript preparation and delivery.

4.  Link to Volume Editor Checklist
Look at this before you submit your manuscript and make sure you have all items. Please note that for the WCC volumes, you will coordinate your bulk order with the WCC Publications Chair.

5. Link to IFIP Copyright Form
Have your authors download this form and send you the signed copyright.  Springer will not publish any paper without a properly executed copyright form.


Springer has reviewed the documents currently on the IFIP Series page (the 6102 URL above) for consistency and accuracy.  As of 2007 November 16, Springer reported that the content conformed to its standards.


Springer has not provided a "live" sample of a typical Word or LaTex document.  Therefore, authors should generate all papers using the provided template.  I am providing you a sample PDF document that reflects the style of documents appearing in the IFIP Series.  (See attached.)  Note that this sample does not conform to page size because it comes from Springer's online library.  Obviously, this PDF is not an editable document from which authors and editors can build a new paper.   However, it does provide what a final paper should look like with important aspects such as abstract, keywords, end references, running heads, and overall consistency.


I take this opportunity to offer a special 'thank you' to Amy Brais, with whom I have been working over the past weeks and months to ensure that the materials provided to you by Springer are accurate and consistent.


Please do not forget to send me the data I requested in my last email.  (Thanks to those who have already replied.)  It is important because I need to assemble the information for Springer so it can plan for the production of the WCC publications; the IFIP Series is not the only books it is publishing at that time.

I repeat the categories below.  The person named as Editor1 is the principal editor for communication purposes.  You may refine the estimates you use for the Number of Pages and for the Number of Copies after you receive the submitted papers and after you learn of the number of pre-registrations for your conference within the Congress.  Each Congress registrant receives a copy of the proceedings of the conference for which he or she registers.


Conference Title:
Conference Acronym:
Exact Book Title:
- - - - -
WG (if any):
- - - - -
Estimated Number of Pages:
Estimated Number of Copies:
- - - - -
Volume Editor1 Name:
Volume Editor1 Email:
Volume Editor1 Phone:
Volume Editor1 Time Zone:
- - - - -
Volume Editor2 Name:
Volume Editor2 Email:
Volume Editor2 Phone:
Volume Editor2 Time Zone: