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WCCE 2009 - Education and Technology for a Better World Monday, July 27th - Friday, July 31th 2009 Bento Gonçalves Brazil,Rio Grande do

Education and Technology for a Better World was the main theme for WCCE 2009. The conference highlighted and explored different perspectives of the theme, covering all levels of formal education as well as informal learning and societal aspects of education. The conference was open to everyone involved education and training. Additionally players from technological, societal, business and political fields outside education were invited to make relevant contributions within the theme: Education and Technology for a Better World.

Along with traditional paper sessions the conference had several symposia and expert panels for professional in depth discussions and reflections. A special stream was dedicated to Lifelong Learning under the IFIP AGORA umbrella. All of these activities are reported in this CD proceedings.

Sindre Bernard Jan
Sindre Røsvik
IPC chair
Bernard Cornu
Vice chair
Jan Wibe
Vice chair


Conference Organizers

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The 9th IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE 2009) is an IFIP event hosted by the Brazilian Computer Society - SBC (Sociedade Brasileira de Computação), and organised by UFRGS (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina), IDESTI (Instituto de Capacitação, Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Institucional em Gestão Social de Tecnologia de Informação). This is the first WCCE to be held in South America ever.

IFIP has a very active education committee, known as TC3, that supports seven working groups:

International Programme Committee

National Organising Committee

Rosa Maria Vicari (Chair)
Raul Sidnei Wazlawick (Co-Chair)
Sérgio Franco, Liane Tarouco, Margaret Axt, Liliana Maria Passerino, Patricia Alejandra Behar, Alexandre Ribeiro, Daltro José Nunes, Demetrio A Ovalle Carranza, Franco Simini, Luis A. Guerrero, Leacir Nogueira Bastos.



The city

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Bento Gonçalves is a town located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. It is the wine capital of Brazil, located in a region with many vineyards. Many of the Italian immigrants and their descendants helped establish the wine industry in the region. As of 2006 its population was of approximately 103,000 inhabitants.

One may experience the rolling country side of Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa by taking a day trip on the Maria Fumaça steam locomotive. One may also learn more about the Italian heritage of the people through such museums as Epopéia Italiana.
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The Address: Bento Gonçalves Event Park


Alameda Fenavinho, n# 481
Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil
Phone/Fax: +55 54 (3455.6700 or 9136.3800)
Postal Code: 95700-000

Please, visit also the official Web site of the city of Bento Gonçalves (in portuguese).


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