WCCE 2009 Online Transmission


WCCE 2009 Online is characterized by:

Note: "All participants will receive a certificate of participation in WCCE 2009, for a total of 40 hours of participation". To access to the transmission of WCCE 2009 Online, the participant needs to be registered in the event and have a login and a password.

Individual subscription

In Individual Registration modality, the person registers in WCCE 2009 registration system (http://sistemas.sbc.org.br/wcce2009_2/public/default.php) with his ID and creates a password. After sending the registration proof of payment, the participant will receive in his email a login and a password to access WCCE Online Transmission 2009 system.

  1. The payment of such registration may be done through Banking Payment Slip, Credit Card (VISA) and Debit Account at Bank of Brazil. After payment, the responsible for the registration must send a copy of the receipt in the care of Sílvia Meirelles Leite (silviameirelles@gmail.com or fax +55 51 3308 3997), with his full name and WCCE 2009 Online as subject.
  2. To access WCCE 2009 Online, the applicant must have a computer connected to the Internet, preferably broadband, enabling access to transmission online, which is done through a browser.
  3. The participant may register his questions in Webcast at the end of presentation.The questions will be selected by a moderator and sent to the speaker.
  4. The certificate of participation will be sent to the registered address recorded in the registration system.

Transmission poles


UNIVIMA Rua Portugal, 221 - Reviver
São Luis - MA - Brasil
Phone: +55 98 3266-4650
Site: http://www.univima.ma.gov.br

São Paulo

ESEG - Escola Superior de Engenharia e Gestão
R. Vergueiro, 1951 - Vila Mariana
São Paulo - SP, 04101-000, Brasil (Próximo à estação Ana Rosa do metrô)
Phone: +55 11 2187 1119
Site: http://www.eseg.edu.br
Contact: Erick Nimtz
Mapa no Google Maps.


Time Author/Title
Monday, July 27th 2009
10h - 11h Conference Opening
11h - 11h30min Speeches - Prof. Bernard Cornu. "ICT in a world of complexity and collective intelligence: Breaking the walls for a better world"
11h30min - 11h45min Speeches - OI FUTURO
11h45min - 12h45min Workshop 1.4 - Valentina Dagiene (LT), Gerald Futschek: Bebras contest on informatics and computer literacy - A contest for all secondary school students to be more interested in Informatics and ICT concepts. Presenter: Dagiene, Valentina
13h45min - 15h MEC / NASA's Workshop 1 - Dr. Claudio Fernando André (MEC-BR) - Title: "Scientific and Technological Education in Brazil: Progresses and Challenges for 21st Century"
15h15min - 18h MEC / NASA's Workshop 2 - Title: "NASA Educational Technology @ a Glance and The Space Weather Action Center - SWAC"
Norma Teresinha Oliveira Reis (MEC)
Claudio Fernando André (MEC)
Troy Cline (NASA)
Marcos Cesar Pontes (Astronauta Brasileiro)
Timothy Eastman (NASA)
Robert Gabrys (NASA)
Louis Mayo (NASA)
James Thieman (NASA)
Robert Starr (NASA)
Margareth Maher (NASA)
Tuesday, July 28th 2009
9h - 10h Keynote - PhD Helder Coelho. Title: Teaching AI courses with Learning in mind
10h - 11h30min GSwERC's Workshop. - Presenter: Thompson, John Barrie
11h45min - 12h45min ICT bridges the gap between formal and informal learning. Presenter: Pieter Hogenbirk
13h45min - 17h Symposium: Current and Future Issues in Research into ICT in Education.Presenter: Margaret Cox (GB), Andrew Fluck, Mary Webb, Peter Twining, Rosa Maria Bottino
Wednesday, July 29th 2009
9h - 10h Keynote - PhD Riichiro Mizoguchi. Title: "When Computer Undrestnads Learning and Instructional Theories"
10h - 12h45min Symposium: Challenges and dilemmas for lifelong learning in primary and secondary education. Presenter: Joke Voogt (NL), Kwok Wing Lai, Roumen Nikolov, Margaret Cox, Takashi Sakomoto, Fredric M. Litto , Gerald Knezek.
15h30min - 17h Speech
Thursday, July 30th 2009
09h - 10h Keynote - PhD Fredric Michael Litto. Title: Some Academic `Crimes´ Committed in the Name of Distance Learning
10h - 12h45min Symposium to Address the Decline in Computing Graduates in Many Countries. Presenter: JohnBarrie Thompson (GB), Peter Wakwe: Symposium to Address
13h45min - 15h15min SEC's Workshop. Presenter: Secretary of Education Mariza Abreu
15h30min - 17h Interactive collaborative sessions.
Presenters: Guilherme Ary Plonski (BR), Beatriz Leonel Scavazza, Angela Sprenger: Managing large-scale ICT and public education innovative programs
Friday, July 31st 2009
09h - 10h Keynote
10h - 11h30min Apresentações:
Learners and Lifelong Learning - Carla Abreu-Ellis (US), Jason Brent Ellis: Scaffolding for success in e-learning: Self-regulation of the online learner using the LASSI inventory.
- Peter Twining (GB), Anna Peachey: Open Virtual Worlds As Pedagogical Research Tools - Learning from the Schome Park Programme
- Georges-Louis Baron (FR), Éric BRUILLARD: Digital natives vs digital naives : which role for the school?
11h45min - 12h45min PANEL: Squeak Etoys through multy perspectives. Presenter: Yoshiki Ohshima (BR), Scott Wallace, Kathleen Harness, Timothy Falconer, Marta Voelcker, Bruno Sperb.
12h45min - 13h30min Closing session

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Silvia Meirelles
Phone: +55 51 9164.9293
E-mail: silviameirelles@gmail.com